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Can training make a difference?

These are adults, they don't need to be trained!

You don't understand my team, they don't respond to training....they just need to be told what to do!

Yep, there are a million reasons why managers don't believe in training.

The fact's are quite the opposite. Your people are working diligently each day to do their best work. Quality training actually should get them out of the day to day routine and displace the status-quo and create a new reality.

Training's don't have to be painful!

Your team is like any other, they want to grow and develop, but they don't want to be treated like children.

We believe in hands-on and interactive training. The learning that takes place is created by the group, rather than telegraphed from a facilitator. These hands on sessions are developed with your team and goals in mind. They are also developed to not be day long torture sessions, but instead engaging and interactive sessions.

At JENA, we believe that everyone needs to understand the concept, get hands on experience with each concept, and then practice and get feedback on each concept. This Hear, Touch, and Try process gives all adult-learners - regardless of their unique learning style - the interaction they need to understand and embrace each topics learning.