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Business Development
Part Science - Part Art

Good Business Development requires discipline, consistent focus, and a solid plan.

That alone isn't enough, the art of good business development happens when we match that discipline with the art that it takes to create true breakthrough.

The Science - At JENA, we have significant experience and expertise at helping business development teams large and small accelerate their results. Our solutions are customized to your business, your information capabilities, and your goals. We then marry that with a standard approach utilizing dashboards and key metrics to train you and your team how key metrics to identify your critical opportunities. 

The Art - like pieces to a puzzle, we'll train your team the art of turning these insights into business building applications and ideas. Many organizations have data-paralysis, we'll help you break that log-jam and turn the data insights into business building initiatives.

“Rob has a keen sense of how an organization functions and is able to cut through complex issues and create solid solutions. Rob is able to work with marketing, sales, IT and other functional groups in solving problems...."
Craig Wallick - Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company