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Planning For and Managing Change
"If Things Don't Change,
Things Don't Change!"
Zen Koan

The only thing we can be certain of is that the pace of business change is only going to accelerate.

Think of it, when many of us entered the business world in the 70's and 80's, fedEx was a fledgling operation, personal computers were just arriving on the scene, Fax machine's were about to erupt into our world. The pace of information and business were accelerating - at least to us at that time! Today, we measure communication in milli-seconds and would never consider waiting for the United States Postal Service to deliver an envelope containing critical business information. One can only expect that things will continue to accelerate.

More than ever, investing in clear choices, clear direction, AND taking the time to marry those choices with the reality that surrounds us is paramount. The information age in many ways has removed the discipline that was a part of good business prior to the upheaval it brought with it.

At JENA, we can help you and your organization embrace the revolution, but not lose the focus and direction needed for long term success. We can help you marry good business discipline with the information revolution to create an organization that not only understands the need to change, but embraces the reality that change is not only a survival technique, but a model for success.

“Rob is the ultimate change agent, driving the vision for the future to the masses to deliver the results necessary to succeed today and tomorrow.”
Craig Shaffer
National Sales Representative at Commerce Bank