JENA Leadership LLC
Helping You Stand Out
The JENA Advantage

The genesis of JENA is the business consulting environment available today.

Whether you are a small business looking for professional insights to grow your business or a larger business with the need for a different perspective and more custom solutions, we've seen the mailings and e-mails:

    - "Our patented system can fix...."
    - "Our Simple 10 steps to turning...."
    - "Our process turns your sales people..."

If only it was as simple as some pre-packaged solution. The problem is these cookie cutter solutions are  based on what they are selling, not what you need to deliver better results for your business.

At JENA, we recognize that your business is unique and the solutions to your opportunities and challenges or need to be customized to you. Not a prepackaged one-size fits all answer.

“Rob worked with Goodyear on several projects in the past few years. His due diligence to understand the needs of our business yielded exceptional deliverables that enabled us to be more efficient with our resources and equipt our associates with tools to enhance our service levels to customers."
Emily Baranek
HR Manager
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company